FITZ LIGHT: Reflexology Slipper | All day foot massage that will take your pain away! | Unisex Sizing




6-7 (US) 8-9 (US) 9-10 (US) 11-11.5 (US) 12-13 (US)

FITZ LIGHT: Reflexology Slipper | All day foot massage that will take your pain away! | Unisex Sizing

Product description

FITZ LIGHT is an all-day comfy home foot massager designed to help soothe foot, leg, knee, and back problems by targeting 30 acupressure points on the reflex zones and foot arch.

Similar to a manual massage, the FITZ can present benefits like:


Helps relieve, relax and soothe:
đŸŠ¶ Plantar Fasciitis and Neuropathy pain
✹ Tense foot, leg muscles, and tendons
🩮 Joint and back problems
đŸŠ” Swelling and feelings of fatigue
đŸ’Ș Muscle spasms

Helps improve:
đŸ’Ș Muscle tone and muscle recovery
🏃 Elasticity of ligaments and joint mobility
🧠 Function of the nervous system and internal organs
😋 Digestion and mood 

It stimulates 30 reflex zones of the feet that correspond to organs:



Compared to the original FITZ Reflexology Slippers, it has a lighter touch. It delivers the same results with less intensity. 

Despite its simple design, the massager in the form of slippers can improve blood circulation not only to the feet and legs but also to other body areas.

It contributes to the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of pain-related problems by providing larger supplies of oxygen, electrolytes, and nutrients to reach cells in the body's extremities more efficiently.  

FITZ LIGHT can increase blood flow and oxygen by applying pressure to the reflex zones...

boosting health benefits throughout your body...



Based on customer feedback, the new FITZ LIGHT provides a less intense massage while still carrying the same benefits as the original version of FITZ Reflexology Slippers. They are lightweight, more comfortable, and come in multiple unique colors.  




6-7 (US) 8-9 (US) 9-10 (US) 11-11.5 (US) 12-13 (US)

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