I was always an adventure girl. I grew up on a farm in Brazil and my favourite thing was exploring with my dog. By the age of 4, I was diagnosed with a kidney disease and I was given until 15 to live. My right kidney atrophied, I had chronic kidney infection and a rare disease that allowed the urine to come back from the bladder, which could kill me at any time. 


So I lived every second of it. I grew up to be a strong woman who never stopped exploring. And I never allowed the disease to win.

I developed a resistance to medicine, so my doctors decided to stop the medications and watch what would happen. So I tried a little bit of everything. Spiritual surgery, indigenous healing teas, acupuncture, florals... you name it. To this day, I don't know how I am still alive at the age of 36, but I believe that everything helped, and I believe that if there is something physical keeping you from achieving something, every little step you take in the path of healing, helps.

Fast forward to 2019, I was living in London. I just went through a divorce and I had to stay away from family and friends that were against it, and behaving in a very toxic way. 2020, pandemic hit. In England, everyone was forced to stay in their homes without being allowed to go out on the street for over 2 blocks. Overloaded with terrible thoughts and scared for my own health that was always very fragile, my kidney started hurting again. All the hospitals were closed for covid, I didn’t have health insurance so I panicked. 

But again, I wouldn’t let it kill me. So I went online and started looking for alternative treatments. One of the things that really helped me before was acupuncture and researching more, I discovered a magical treatment called reflexology. So I ordered a version of what the FITZ is today. A reflexology shoe that I used everyday in the morning. Combined with florals for anxiety, they helped me completely turn my life around.

The first day it hurted. I felt pain all over my feet and legs up to my kidney. But not a muscular or a disease pain, I felt it over my veins. It was like my whole body was flowing. I had a lot of herbal tea to help the kidneys to detox. In 2 days the pain was over. But there is more.

Instead of feeling anxious in a fetal position, I started playing basketball in the park, eating well and just feeling positive all day. I had many injuries from playing on my knees and especially my lower back, but reflexology always helped me recover. I felt like a different person.

So I got the same reflexology shoes for my mom who has fibromyalgia, for my dad who has sciatica and for my grandma who has arthritis. And it helped! My dad used to walk 7 miles everyday a few years before. Now he couldn’t walk 2 blocks without having to sit down to stop the tingling in his legs. He even got a cane to not fall down. And now he was walking 3, 4, 10 blocks without sitting again. 

So I got my laptop, found a partner that could develop this improved shoe, opened up an online store and started sharing my story with the world. In a year, we sold over 30.000 pairs of the FITZ! 



But none of this would matter if it wasn't for other people sharing their stories. To know how the FITZ helped others like it helped me, brings me to tears and motivates me to reach ever higher.

The most beautiful review we have ever gotten was from Tyrone Means. He lives in Texas and suffers from polyneuropathy caused by diabetes. He posted how his mom gave him the shoes and how much they helped and the post went viral. 19k shares! Here it is:



But Tyrone is not alone, through the years we had many people submitting videos and comments to help spread the word. 


An Invitation For YOU

Social media is powerful. Tyrone's life changed after he went viral with the FITZ Reflexology Shoe post and we want to change your life. We are looking for people who might benefit from the FITZ and would like to try the product and share an honest review with us.

If you think the FITZ can improve your quality of life, send us a message and let’s talk! 

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