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ComFitz Therapy Marshmallow Cloud Slippers ComFitz Therapy Marshmallow Cloud Slippers
ComFitz Therapy Marshmallow Cloud Slippers $49.00 $62.00
Standing on your feet all day never felt better! Also known as the "Cloud slipper", the ComFitz is a bouncy and extremelly comfortable shoe that can help you relax, and reduce the weight of walking on your joints. Do you want to know how it feels to walk on a field of marshmallows? Our ComFitz slippers are the perfect combination of: Safety (they perfectly align to your feet and with their heightened soles, protect you from bumping into anything)  Comfort  (ultra high-quality lightweight EVA material providing a comfy cushion for your feet) Design (stylish 2 tone design: because beauty and comfort are equally important ... sorry crocs! 🤣)  So after an intense Reflexology treatment with the FITZ, allow your feet to relax and be stylish at the same time with the ComFitz! 👣 All Day Foot Spa🦺 Protect your feet from bumping🦺 Anti-slip☁ Super Comfortable📐 Super Thick  SPECIFICATIONS: 
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GUDNITE: Certified Premium Cervical Pillow with Cooling Gel GUDNITE: Certified Premium Cervical Pillow with Cooling Gel
GUDNITE: Certified Premium Cervical Pillow with Cooling Gel $49.00 $98.00
GUD NITE Cervical Pillow - Your Path to Perfect Sleep Experience the luxury of a perfect night's sleep with the GUD NITE Cervical Pillow, meticulously designed for unparalleled comfort and support Features: Cervical Support: Modeled with precision and incorporating a relaxing cooling gel, this pillow is crafted to accommodate the height of your shoulders while keeping your neck perfectly aligned. Versatile Sleep Comfort: Whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach, GUD NITE provides universal support, alleviating pressure on your shoulders for a rejuvenating sleep experience. Combat Neck Tension: Bid farewell to day-to-day problems like neck tension caused by inadequate pillows. GUD NITE is your solution to waking up refreshed and pain-free. Seasonal Comfort: Tackle uncomfortable nights caused by winter heaters or summer air conditioning with GUD NITE's refreshing gel layer, ensuring peaceful and cool nights year-round.   Benefits: Posture Correction: Experience reduced pain and improved posture within just two weeks, backed by our money-back guarantee.   Why GUD NITE?   Premium Memory Foam: Crafted from 100% premium quality open-cell viscoelastic memory foam, our pillow conforms to your body's natural curves, providing superior comfort. Special Design: Uniquely designed to cradle and support the natural contours of your neck, GUD NITE ensures a night of undisturbed sleep. Cooling Technology: Enjoy enhanced cooling all night long with our concentrated cooling gel layer, combating the heat retention often associated with memory foam pillows. Quality Assurance: Our strict quality control system guarantees stability, and your satisfaction is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.   Dimensions:   Centimeters: 50 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm total / 6 cm neck area Inches: 19.6 in x 11.8 in x 3.9 in total / 2.3 in neck area Note: The GUD NITE pillow fits any regular-sized pillowcase. Upgrade your sleep experience with GUD NITE – where comfort meets quality.  
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FITZ: Reflexology Slipper | The 10 minute foot massage a day that will take your pain away! | Unisex Sizing FITZ: Reflexology Slipper | The 10 minute foot massage a day that will take your pain away! | Unisex Sizing
FITZ: Reflexology Slipper | The 10 minute foot massage a day that will take your pain away! | Unisex Sizing $47.00 $94.00
  Introducing FITZ: The Ultimate Home Foot Massager for Foot, Leg, Knee, and Back ReliefDiscover FITZ, the revolutionary home foot massager specifically engineered to alleviate foot, leg, knee, and back discomfort by effectively targeting 82 key acupressure points on the reflex zones of your feet.Unlock the power of daily 10-15 minute sessions with FITZ!Experience a significant boost in blood circulation and oxygenation as this remarkable device stimulates the reflex points, providing unmatched relief and recovery.Say goodbye to foot, leg, knee, and back problems with FITZ Reflexology Slippers, the ultimate solution for effective pain management and relaxation.     Boosting health benefits throughout your body... It stimulates 82 reflex zones of the feet that correspond to the following organs: Similar to a manual massage, the FITZ can present benefits like:  Benefits: Helps relieve, relax and soothe:🦶 Plantar Fasciitis and Neuropathy pain✨ Tense foot, leg muscles, and tendons🦴 Joint and back problems🦵 Swelling and feelings of fatigue💪 Muscle spasmsHelps improve:💪 Muscle tone and muscle recovery🏃 Elasticity of ligaments and joint mobility🧠 Function of the nervous system and internal organs😋 Digestion and mood     Discover the power of our sleek slipper-shaped foot massager, designed to optimize blood circulation throughout your entire body, beyond just the feet and legs.The FITZ advanced slipper massager efficiently delivers increased supplies of oxygen, electrolytes, and vital nutrients to cells located in the body's extremities.Experience the prevention and treatment of a wide range of pain-related issues, thanks to the enhanced oxygenation and nourishment facilitated by our innovative slipper massager.   Based on customer feedback, the new FITZ has improved buttons to stimulate different reflex zones with different intensities. The buttons are also more comfortable for the feet, allowing you to feel the invigorating massage for longer! Jade buttons were added to improve balance not only in the body but also to the mind. With stronger and better materials, the new FITZ comes with a reusable bag, extra buttons, and a surprise gift!      
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FITZ Ankle Compression Socks FITZ Ankle Compression Socks
FITZ Ankle Compression Socks $9.49 $20.00
✅ Premium Quality - Our 20-30mmHg graduated compression sleeves are made only of high-quality materials. They are lightweight and breathable. Perfect for your feet. They provide proper arch support from heel to toes. High-performance and ideal for daily use on your foot ✅ Ankle Relief - Wear these ankle compression sleeves under your shoes and socks to relief any kind of discomfort caused by day-to-day activities ✅ Perfect For Everyday Use - The short ankle brace compression sleeves are great for people who have to stand for long periods of time: 👩‍⚕️ Nurses 👨‍🏫 Teachers 👖 Retail workers 💇 Hairdressers 👨‍🍳 Food service workers   Moreover, our ankle sleeves great for: 🤰 Maternity and during pregnancy You will feel the effects when using this ankle sleeve during your everyday life, ✅ Stay Active With Ankle Support - These low ankle compression socks work great as ankle stabilizers for any athletic activity: 🏃 Running, jogging 🥊 Boxing 🚶‍♀️ Hiking, walking 💃 Dancing 🚴 Cycling They provide extra support while playing: 🎾 Tennis 🏀 Basketball 🏐 Volleyball 🏌️ Golf. All-day warmth for joints and muscles with our ankle braces for men and women ✅ Material: 75% Nylon/ 25% Spandex. Machine Wash. Do not iron or bleach. ✅ One size fitz all: Our improved quality materials strech enough to fit all sizes of feet
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Smaller Waist with FITZ Smart Sport Hoop - Adjustable Waist Exercise Hoop - Fitness Equipment Smaller Waist with FITZ Smart Sport Hoop - Adjustable Waist Exercise Hoop - Fitness Equipment
Smaller Waist with FITZ Smart Sport Hoop - Adjustable Waist Exercise Hoop - Fitness Equipment $47.00 $94.00
Tired of feeling awful with corsets and spanx just to look good in that dress?? This magnetic HOOP will help: ✅ Have fun while stimulating, massaging and reducing inches from your waist! ✅ 30 min can melt 800 cal! ✅ One size fits all! ✅ Color: Pink ✅ Adjustable: Fits 23 inch to 58 inch waistlines ✅ Comes with 28 knots for adjustment + sand bag (empty - you can fill it with anything: dirt, sand, the sugar you should be cutting anyway) + easy screwdriver to connect the knots   Introducing Fitz Smart Sport Hoop The Hula Hoop that made all other Hula Hoops obsolete. It's designed for everyone, no matter your fitness level or Hula Hooping experience. Turn up your home workout intensity level, drain some serious calories and melt inches off your waist.  Enjoy 2-In-1 Fitness & Massage The FITZ 2-in-1 Rotating Massage Exercise Hoop helps you to quickly burn inches and achieve your desired figure. Designed to fit nearly any waist, the hoop features 28 sections that can be fully adjusted to fit you comfortably. Whether you like a tight fit for ab-intensive workouts or a slightly looser fit to tone up arms and legs, the choice is yours. The interior of the hoop has built-in shock absorbers all around so you can enjoy a 360° massage while you exercise, a feature that will help you relax as much as it spurs you to enjoy your workout.   "I hate exercising but I started enjoying it much more now after using the Smart Hula Hoop. Honestly, it made exercising so much more fun for me!" You'll burn inches as you tighten the waist, legs, arm, and body with the benefits of hooping. Great for a home workout, the Massage Hoop is fully portable for use while traveling and on-the-go, and for fast & easy storage. The mechanism mirrors the motions of a classic hula hoop, but will aid in the pursuit of improved posture, calorie burn, focus, and toning. No need to join a costly gym or invest in a super expensive indoor exercise bike - this massaging marvel runs circles around those methods! The Super Hoop You Need! Unlike traditional hoops, the Rotating Massage Exercise Hoop won't fall down as you move your hips, so you're sure to get the the maximum results you're looking for! With proper usage, this fitness pal can help to burn fat three times faster than a normal hoop. A recommended exercise regimen is: The Rotating Massage Hoop comes equipped with a special weighted ball for extra resistance and to work your abs harder. The Gravity Ball is filled with sand and can be filled with as much or as little as you choose for the workout you want. Easy to use and easy to assemble, this must-have hoop is adjustable to fit 23" to 55" waists. It's also suitable for for all fitness levels, from the complete novice to a workout warrior. Features 28 Adjustable Sections - Add or remove sections to best fit your waist; Fits 23" to 58" waists Gravity Ball - Weighs approximately 0.9lbs and contains sand; Fill as needed to increase the weight and the intensity of your workout 360° Shock-Absorbing Massage - Provides full contact with waist muscles while you exercise Auto Spinning and Smooth Rotation - 3 sets of flexible axles per section which rotate at a constant speed Maximum Hoop Size: 148cm / 58"     CUSTOMER REVIEWS:  "Easy to use! I was nervous it wouldn't fit around my waist since I'm a size US 20. I tried to learn to hula hoop but never could get it. This works so great and feels like I'm not even working out! 100% recommend!"  
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