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Monique M.

Thank you so much for my order. I love them. Especially around the area of my bunion. Game changer. I really recommend these. Especially for the price. Well worth it.

Lydia H.

I bought a $5000 mattress to help with back pain, still woke up with pain every morning. Ive had this pillow for 1.5 weeks. And that's 1.5 weeks of waking up pain free! 1.5 weeks of the best sleep ive ever gotten! I am thrilled!


This is an intense product. After a month or so I noticed:- a huge relief in muscle pain - from feet to my spine - perfect for sitting jobs like mine- a gorgeous super soft skin on my feet- significantly improved digestion and general feeling of lightness- better mood...and I am looking forward for more results with time.